Dr. Gary Schoenrock

Gary Schoenrock, D.D.S.

Education and Background

Dr. Gary Schoenrock was born and raised in Ohio and went to dental school at Ohio State University of Columbus, Ohio. He practiced in Toledo, Ohio for 28 years. In that time, he learned how to do almost everything in dentistry, from advanced crown and bridge to root canal treatments to implants to orthodontics.

He’s impressed with the advancements in dentistry, mainly the advent of acid etching and adhesive type dentistry which was in its infancy when he graduated in 1977. Dr. Schoenrock says technology has come a long way to allow dentists to do very conservative work such as porcelain veneers, bonded fillings and so on.

“Another advancement would be the rise of implantology, which again, was in its infancy when I started practicing. Dental experts managed to streamline and refine it and now we have almost 67 implant systems. They all work.”

Get to Know Dr. Schoenrock

After a successful dental career in Ohio, in 2006, Dr. Schoenrock decided to move west.

“I got the wanderlust to sell my practice in Ohio and move to Arizona,” said Dr. Schoenrock. “I was blessed with the wonderful weather and the nice people I met along the way. I started a small practice in Scottsdale.”

After a while, Dr. Schoenrock wanted to be part of a bigger dental clinic and that’s when he met the staff at Paradise Ridge Dentistry.

“I had a wonderful talk with them, and I think the vibes we all had were very good so I decided to go work at the office,” said Dr. Schoenrock. “What a pleasant surprise I’ve had working with the wonderful team there from the hygienists, the assistants not to mention the front desk staff. They’re just tremendous so it makes doing my job a lot easier. I couldn’t do what I do without the help of a great team and a great team they all are.”

Dr. Schoenrock’s likable personality lends to the good rapport he has with patients.

“People don’t like to come to the dentist enough without making it a real negative experience, so I try to keep things positive and inject a little humor into the situation. I try to treat people the way I like to be treated. I’ve always tried to treat my co-workers, too, as a team and treat them nicely and most of all have fun at what I’m doing.”

Fun and Family Time

When not at the office, Dr. Schoenrock enjoys golfing. “In Ohio, of course, we had precious few months to golf unless you wanted to play snow golf but it’s a little tough to find your ball that way. But in Arizona, the golfing is beautiful, wonderful.”

He also enjoys playing the piano and likes to cook. As far as favorite food? “I don’t have many non favorite foods. If I didn’t hit the gym four times a week and do my aerobics, I’d weigh a lot!”

Dr. Schoenrock is married and has a daughter, son and three grandchildren, ages 5, 4 and 8 months.

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