Phoenix Invisalign® Braces

In recent years Invisalign has become a major competition for traditional braces. When people complete the treatment and look at themselves in the mirror with a smile, they almost kick themselves for not having started with Invisalign sooner.

Phoenix Invisalign® Braces

Advanced Invisalign Phoenix Braces

Traditional braces are not appealing by any means. They’re painful, clunky, and awkward, and they do nothing for appearance while a patient has them. Eventually, when removed, a teethline set is aligned correctly and one’s smile looks better, but it’s a very painful way of getting from dental point A to B. Invisalign does the same or better and without all the discomfort.

Paradise Ridge Family Dentistry provides both types of braces, traditional and Invisalign, as each patient has a different set of needs when it comes to teeth straightening. In some cases, traditional braces are needed and the only viable option. However, where Invisalign is a doable alternative, or resident dentists, like Dr. Cory Warner, can confirm and apply them. As a certified Invisalign dentist provider, Dr. Cory Warner can address teeth alignment needs for both teenagers as well as adults with Invisalign.

Clear Removable Teeth Aligners that Straighten and are Comfortable. What?

Yes, it’s true, Invisalign does all the above, and they effectively straighten teeth too. While it might seem impossible, most folks’ impressions about braces are tied back to the image of traditional braces. Instead, Invisalign braces are clear, removable, and effective. It’s an ideal situation for someone who doesn’t want the appearance of traditional wiring, but he or she still wants to have a better smile and straight teeth.

The Invisalign Process

Invisalign braces are not just one set. They work in progression, gently but consistently pushing a patient’s teeth back into alignment. The first set lasts about two weeks. Then the next set of braces is applied. This repeat cycle continues until the dentist has determined that the patient’s teeth have moved into the desired position. Treatment varies depending on the given patient and what’s needed for change. A treatment phase can last anywhere from four months to as long as a year and half.

Given how easy it is to apply Invisalign and how it works, what’s stopping you from having a better smile? Teens or adults can take advantage of Invisalign braces. If eligible after a dentist’s evaluation at Paradise Ridge Family Dentistry, we can begin the treatment process with an Invisalign braces set that matches your teeth specifically.

Why Invisalign Braces Makes So Much Sense

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