IV Sedation Dentist

Phoenix, Arizona IV Sedation Dentist

Upgrade Your Dental Experience with an IV Sedation Vacation

At Paradise Ridge Dentistry we offer IV sedation. With IV sedation you can upgrade your dental experience to first-class status by completing all of your dental work in just one day. So if you’ve been putting off your dental visits because you require a lot of work, or you have a little dental anxiety, we can help make your visit a pleasant yet somewhat forgettable.

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All Services Provided In-house

Whether you are in need of root canal treatment, dental implants, same-day crowns, cosmetic or just general dentistry. This means that you will not be referred out to a specialist which can increase costs and eat up more of your time while you’re enjoying your stay here.

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A little about Paradise Ridge Dentistry

Our beautiful, upscale office is located on Tatum and Greenway, just minutes from some of the most beautiful resorts and the most top-rated golf courses in the valley. During your vacation, play golf, go hiking, visit the Grand Canyon, or relax at one of the many fantastic resorts Phoenix and Scottsdale has to offer. We’ll even help you plan your vacation if you’ve never visited Arizona before. Just give us a call at 602-867-8488.

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