Victoria McVay

Victoria Peyghambarian

Meet Victoria McVay, CEO/Owner

Victoria has structured her family-owned dental practice to provide all services under one roof. This enables patients to save money and time. For example, if a patient requires root canal treatment a general dentist usually sends the patient to an endodontist. When patients are referred out to specialists they must pay higher fees for service because the coverage is less. Also, patients are more inconvenienced when they are referred out. This however is not the case at Paradise Ridge Dentistry because Victoria's top priority is to offer patients affordable and convenient dentistry whenever possible.

Women-Led Dental Practice

This family-owned practice is led by a team of women who believe in providing the best dental care available for busy working professionals and their families.

Owner/CEO, Victoria McVay understands how difficult it is to manage a family, operate a business, and make time to visit the dentist. She also understands dental anxiety. Victoria has dental anxiety too. She and 36 percent of the American population have some dental anxiety and avoid the dentist. For this reason, the PRD team never judges patients who avoid the dentist or who have dental fear.

Click here to meet us. We want to show you why the PRD team was voted AZ Foothills Magazine Best Dental Team in the Valley 11 times.

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