Gum Disease Treatment

Treatment for Gum Disease in Phoenix

Gum disease is, unfortunately, a common American problem. At least three out of four adults past their mid-thirties in age have some form of the problem. Many cases are mild to medium, but some are far more serious, threatening infection and tooth loss if not effectively stopped and reversed. And the condition is one of the top culprits for losing one’s natural teeth, versus the myth of cavities and sugar. Even more of an issue, gum disease has, based on solid research, been connected with shortened lifespans and increased mortality. There are also negative impacts on one’s general health, heart condition, and chronic sickness conditions like diabetes, arthritis and even osteoporosis. Further research is now finding connections to Alzheimer’s disease in seniors as well. In short, gum disease has serious impacts to a person’s life. Fortunately, it can also be addressed and even reversed.
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A Complete Periodontal Exam

Whether your very first time or you’re a dental veteran of regular visits, our team at Paradise Ridge Family Dentistry will make sure you have a comfortable exam as well as a thorough evaluation of your mouth, including the condition of your gums versus just the teeth. A typical exam at Paradise Ridge Dentistry will include:
Everything found in a teeth and gum exam will be discussed with a patient and how it can be treated. Additionally, the same issues will be watched going forward to see how things develop as treatment is applied.


Understanding Gum Disease Types: Gingivitis vs Periodontitis

The most likely gum disease most people have involves gingivitis. This is the regular inflammation of the gums when there is food trapped in them, poor flossing and dental care, and carrying on with a less-than-stellar diet. While this condition can involve bleeding, gingivitis does not rise to the level of concern that affects one’s general health and contributes to chronic illness. That said, it can’t be ignored either; gingivitis can eventually change into periodontal disease.

The second category, periodontitis, is far more serious. This involves advanced gum disease that goes after both the gum and the bone underlying it. Severe cases regularly see tooth and jaw bone loss as infection and damage spread. Teeth falling out is a common symptom as well as a fundamental facial structure change as the facial tissue loses structure from bone loss. Once the bone loss occurs, the natural condition can’t be reversed.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Once gum disease has been identified, even with good flossing and brushing, it’s time for professional cleaning during the exam appointment. After probing the extent of the gum receding and any damage that has occurred, our dentist will confirm if there is in fact periodontitis present. Advanced cleaning may be needed, especially if the plaque has hardened below the normal gum line.

Utilizing an approach known as scaling and root planing, our dental team will remove all the established plaque that has built up and smooth out any ridges or aberrations caused by bacteria and initial damage. This then provides for a smooth tooth surface below the gum line that the gums can reattach to successfully during healing. Additionally, Paradise Ridge Dentistry also provides a laser gum treatment that effectively eliminates bacteria under the gum line, a common factor for new infections and inflammation going forward.

There’s no need to continue to put your teeth at risk of eventual loss. Paradise Ridge Dentistry can help protect your teeth and help them heal, reversing gum disease damage and giving you a long-lasting smile. Be that 25 percent without gum disease instead of the typical three out of four suffering from it. It’s your smile and teeth.


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