Mouth Guards

Two of the biggest causes of dental trauma, accidents and sports, tend to be the culprits for dental damage. While accidents can’t be predicted many times, sports can, and that’s where mouth guards come into play. They also help with snoring and teeth grinding.

Phoenix Mouth Guards

As a prevention approach that can save thousands of dollars, pain, and permanent change from happening, mouth guards are one of the easiest dental treatments or protections a patient can benefit from. Whether it’s avoiding bad results from contact sports or preventing the eventual wearing down of teeth while sleeping due to stress or anxiety, mouth guards do the job and well.
At Paradise Ridge Dentistry Family Dentistry, we can provide patient mouth guards that address just teeth or the entire lower facial area, depending on the need and application. All of them fit comfortably and provide maximum protection while still allowing patients to breathe without issue and even speak if needed.

Getting a custom-fitted mouth guard is not hard. The process starts with an initial visit and sizing. Then the fitting specifications are transmitted to a fabrication lab, and in two weeks the mouth guard returns. Exact fit is checked, and if there is an issue, patients are welcome back for a refit. Ideally, we want to see a comfortable result, as it patients are more inclined to wear a mouth guard that words versus one that is uncomfortable. Any questions before or during are answered by our team; there is no question too odd or wrong to ask about mouth guards.

Give us a call and schedule an appointment for an initial review and fitting. You’ll be surprised what’s possible as well as the benefits a mouth guard can provide for your particular needs in health, sleep, sports or other activities.


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