Teeth Whitening Phoenix

Teeth Whitening Phoenix

Monday Night Whitening Deal

Monday night whitening is back. Get $50 off in-office 20-minute teeth whitening when you come in for your exam and cleaning. Get an extra $50 when you refer a new patient to us.

Look Younger and Healthier In Minutes

Look younger and healthier in just 20 minutes. The easiest, least expensive, and most non-invasive procedure for a more youthful, healthier appearance is to brighten up your smile. We’re excited to share this Phoenix teeth whitening product with you when you come in for your next dental cleaning. Once your cleaning is done, we are able to begin the teeth whitening procedure in the same appointment.

20-Minute Whitening

Paradise Ridge Dentistry has teamed up with Smile Perfected to offer one of the most innovative whitening products currently in the market. Their Smile Perfected line produces some of the best results we've seen. More importantly, this product is completely safe, and there is no sensitivity like many other whitening systems used.

Teeth Whitening Phoenix

Get Up to $100 Off Your Whitening Treatment

Book an appointment on any Monday for your exam and cleaning and get $50 off our in-office whitening treatment.

Our in-office whitening takes just 20 minutes so we can complete your entire appointment in just one hour.

And if you refer a new patient to us, we will apply an additional $50 credit to your account once your friend or family member becomes an established patient with us.



How This Phoenix Teeth Whitening System Works

For the best results, your dental cleaning will need to be completed first. And, you'll be happy to know this product helps remove teeth stains and brightens the enamel during the powerful whitening process. The entire process is quick and easy because the whitening trays come prefilled with a pleasant tasting gel to provide maximum results. The active ingredient combined with the Smile Perfected™ LED light produces professional results in 20 minutes.

Gone are the days of long and uncomfortable whitening sessions. With Smile Perfected, you can comfortably sit back and relax during the entire process. We also use natural vitamin E oil to protect the gums and lips along with an Aloe Vera Lip Balm for you to take home.

Take-home Whitening Pen

The Smile Perfected kit also comes with a whitening pen as a free take-home gift to maintain your beautiful new smile.

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