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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Phoenix

Wisdom teeth are traditionally the curse of teenagers as their adult teeth grow in, but many adults have to have wisdom teeth extracted as well. Commonly referred to as the third molar, wisdom teeth frequently create compaction and cause existing teeth to turn crooked if not dealt with early. First showing up between people’s mid-teens to as late as their early twenties, they frequently create a tightness that ends up creating additional dental problems. Misalignment is the most common situation.

Deciding if Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed or Not

Not every patient needs to have their wisdom teeth extracted. In some cases, the third molar grows correctly and there is no compaction or surrounding area damage. However, in the larger number of cases, patients aren’t so lucky. The more common situation is crowding of teeth, movement, pain, and even bone damage. The only way to be sure is a dentist’s examination with x-rays. Catching wisdom teeth problems early avoids grown roots which are harder to extract in adulthood. This is why the best time for a wisdom tooth extraction tends to be in the teen years when the third molar is new and not well-established in the jawbone. That said, adult wisdom teeth extractions are possible and safe, just more complicated.

Frequent Complaints Associated with Wisdom Tooth Pain


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