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Same Day Root Canal at Paradise Dentistry

At Paradise Ridge Dentistry, we can provide a root canal therapy for you on the same day, without repeat visits, extensive discomfort and gaps between different services. This saves our patients a tremendous amount of time, avoids inconvenient traveling back and forth between dental offices, and dental insurance is more likely to cover the majority of the need.

The fact is, dental insurance favors the primary dentist’s level of care. Specialist treatment, while covered, tends to have a lower rate of coverage, which means patients end up with a higher copay and out of pocket cost. At Paradise Ridge Family Dentistry, we package the entire root canal therapy under one roof, one office and one team providing all the needed services involved. Most root canals are provided smoothly, but even if there is a reaction and infection, our endodontist prescribes necessary antibiotics if required.

Proactively Treating a Tooth That is Infected

A root canal is typically needed if the primary tooth nerve starts to die off or is seriously damaged by infection. In these cases, the patient realizes symptoms of pain and serious sensitivity to changes in temperature or any pressure applied in biting. Abscesses on the gum line are also typical signs of advanced infection in the tooth and the need for serious treatment. Our video linked below covers more information about root canal therapy:


Why treating Root Canal is Important

There are two practical outcomes with a seriously infected tooth: try to save it or remove the tooth. Removal is the last option as it causes a cascading problem with neighboring teeth losing structure and support. That creates more headaches down the line.

Remaining teeth start to shift forward when there is a vacuum from a removed bad tooth. That in turn creates more problems and the risk for cracked teeth as they start to position at an angle and receive pressure incorrectly when chewing. Instead, a root canal preserves the problem tooth, removes the infection, and keeps the tooth itself functional. No gap occurs, structure is maintained, and the mouth keeps its shape. Read more about Root Canal.

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Root canals are not temporary. They provide a permanent solution that is also a viable alternative to tooth removal. It’s rare after a root canal that additional work is needed, such as with a new infection in the same tooth.

We have best endodontist specialist who is experienced with root canal therapy, we’re able to provide a comprehensive, same-day approach to the treatment needed. Patients save money, gain more convenience and retain their dental health long-term.

Because we’re based in Phoenix, patients from here as well as Scottsdale have full access to our Paradise Ridge services. Give us a call on (602) 867-8488 to find out more and schedule an appointment. You don’t need to suffer or risk total tooth loss.


Insurance accepted

We will be glad to file a predetermination for you to verify coverage of any necessary dental treatment. We accept most PPO insurances.

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