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Your teeth are your face, more than people realize. Dentures provide a viable way of restoring your facial structure back to a normal appearance by substituting for teeth and gumline tissue that might otherwise be missing. Dentures are particularly helpful when more than one tooth is missing, otherwise causing a collapse of the mouth inward and making a person look much older as a result as well.

Dentures come in one of two categories: complete or partial dentures. Obviously, complete dentures help those patients who are missing entire sections or many teeth at the same time. Partial dentures, on the other hand, substitute for missing teeth and gaps. Not only do partial dentures help fill those gaps, they also prevent the other teeth from moving, which happens once a gap occurs.

Dentures are commonly recommended and applied when:

Why Your Teeth Matter

As mentioned earlier, when there are gaps, the remaining neighboring teeth start to move around. Over time, the movement gets serious, and it also affects how the face looks on the outside. Gaps, a sunken look, and loss of facial structure start to occur from a normal-looking facial appearance. The chin starts protruding forward to observers while the rest of the mouth seems to sink backward and the cheeks sink inward.

Another problem is the accumulation of plaque. Gaps allow more plaque to accumulate, which in turn contributes to gingivitis, tooth decay, and periodontal disease.

The ability to eat and chew starts to become difficult, which in turn creates mental anxiety about how reliable the mouth will be when trying to eat. People become embarrassed, which in turn begins to affect their diet and eating properly.

Paradise Ridge Family Dentistry in Phoenix has the ability to provide patients with all their denture needs at affordable rates, including fitting, readjustments and repairs. Generally, our dentures once applied are extremely durable and reliable. Even with common wear, Paradise Ridge Dentistry dentures hold up over time. To find out more for yourself and how to realize the related benefits, call or  set up an appointment online. You won’t be disappointed with how our dentures can change your life for the better. Get the best dentures and implants services in Phoenix at low cost rates. We also hold expertise in other cosmetic  dentistry services such as professional teeth whitening, dental bridges, implants and more. Dental emergencies can occur any time so we are open on weekends and after-hours to provide emergency dental in Phoenix and nearby areas. 


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