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Laser medicine has been a growing field, particularly in the area of dealing with infection, bacteria, and inflammation caused by invasive materials. Dentistry is no exception. Laser dentistry can be applied to dealing with a host of problems ranging from canker sores to gum disease. The last category probably benefits from laser treatment the most as the procedure has been particularly effective on gingivitis and periodontal disease of the gumline. Even better, unlike traditional medical removal with tools like scrapers or a scalpel, lasers can be used with minimal sensation and even without anesthesia.

A Pain-Free Approach to Bacterial Elimination via Laser Dentistry

Paradise Ridge Family Dentistry provides its patients access to treatment with the Picasso laser. The Picasso Dental Laser was originally approved for consumer use by the FDA back in 2009. Since then, it has been used by multiple dental facilities and programs, ranging from universities to dental hospitals and dental clinics globally.While the name might see odd for dental work, being named after the famous artist, the tool itself is powerful and extremely effective on:

Dental laser gum treatment isn’t complex either. Most treatments take less than five minutes total.


Procedure for New Patients at Paradise Ridge Dental

As a new patient, first time visitors automatically have a regular dental examination and x-ray to make sure our team at Paradise Ridge Family Dentistry have a solid baseline on a new patient’s teeth condition starting off. This in turn provides our dentists a practical, real-time status check on a new patient’s gumline as well. Then we can evaluate how laser treatment can help.

Note, because dental laser treatment is a newer treatment approach, it’s a good idea to check with your dental insurance provider if they accept related charges before scheduling an appointment. Typically, a single treatment charge is approximately $85. That said, for new patients we provide a discounted price of $65 per treatment.

This price savings is offered to help new patients try out our laser medicine services and overcome their hesitancy of going to the dentist. Instead, we want your return to the dentist to be comfortable, fun and effective in boost your dental health again. And laser dentistry is a painless way to help patients recover from gum disease and avoid far more serious problems down the road.

All of our dental hygienist staff operating our laser equipment are fully certified with a solid depth of experience in laser medicine.

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