Home Remedy for Toothache under Crown

Home remedy for toothache under crown

A toothache under a crown can be chronic and ongoing, or it may be intense and occasional. There are numerous reasons why it can occur, and understanding the precise cause is essential to providing appropriate treatment. Your oral health may be significantly impacted by managing the discomfort, being aware of the reasons, and knowing when to get professional help. Toothache under crowns is a typical problem that we at Paradise Ridge Dentistry, your reliable oral health partner in Phoenix, Arizona, will talk about. 

What are Dental Crowns and is a toothache under a crown normal?

Dental crowns assist in maintaining and preventing damaged teeth. A tooth’s strength, size, and form are all restored with these specially manufactured caps placed over it. Crowns last a long time; however, occasionally, they can hurt your teeth. Furthermore, it’s normal to experience some discomfort following the placement of a dental crown in terms of the pain that lies under the crown. You might anticipate some minor sensitivity while your tooth gets used to the new replacement. Severe or ongoing discomfort, however, needs to be treated carefully.

Here are the significant causes of a toothache under a crown :

significant causes of a toothache under a crown

Nerve irritation:

When a dental crown is fitted, the tooth transforms to fit the crown. This process can occasionally irritate the nerve of a tooth, causing sensitivity or discomfort. While slight pain is typical at first, chronic irritation may demand professional treatment. Our skilled dentists at Paradise Ridge Family Dentistry understand the intricacies of this process, ensuring your comfort during and after the crown placement.

Tooth Decay:

If there is decay behind the crown, it might threaten the health of the underlying tooth, resulting in pain. Regular dental checkups are critical for detecting early signs of decline and allowing for prompt treatments. At Paradise Ridge Family Dentistry, we believe in preventive treatment, so your dental crowns are thoroughly evaluated to discover and solve any potential problems as soon as possible.

Improper fit:

A poorly fitted crown can cause discomfort and, in rare circumstances, suffering. Improper sizing or misalignment might result in uneven pressure on the adjacent teeth, affecting your bite. Paradise Ridge Family Dentistry’s expert team takes pleasure in meticulously designing and fitting unique crowns. We prioritize our patients’ comfort by customizing each crown to work flawlessly with your natural teeth.

Gum inflammation

One possible reason for pain under a crown in your teeth or gums could be swelling. This is caused by poor oral care, a bacterial infection, or an allergy to the materials used to build the crown. We check the condition of your gums in addition to just replacing the crown as part of our dental care. We want to make the swelling go down and improve your overall dental health. We do this by checking your teeth really well and giving you personalized advice on how to take care of your mouth.

How to diagnose the issue?

An in-depth checkup by a dentist is essential if you’re having a toothache under a crown. This might involve getting X-rays to uncover any hidden issues, assessing oral health overall, and making sure the crown fits correctly.

Home Remedies for Toothache under Crown

Rinse with Saltwater

How it works: A straightforward but efficient at-home toothache remedy is to use a saltwater rinse. Warm salt water rinses reduce inflammation, soothe pain, and clean the mouth.

Guidelines: In a glass of warm water, dissolve a half-teaspoon of salt to create a solution. For thirty seconds, gargle the liquid in your mouth, paying particular attention to the sore spot.

Cold compress:

How it works: Putting anything cold on a sore region will help it feel better, reduce swelling, and relieve toothache discomfort.

Guidelines: Wrap a few ice cubes in a small towel or apply a cold pack. Apply the cold pack to the outside of your cheek where it hurts for around 15 minutes. Take rests between times to avoid becoming too complicated. You can repeat this numerous times throughout the day if needed.

It’s essential to keep in mind that while these traditional methods of treatment could feel better for a while, they shouldn’t take the place of professional dental care.

 To address the underlying source of your pain, you must seek the assistance of a dentist. Furthermore, maintaining oral health in general and avoiding future toothaches can be achieved by practicing proper dental hygiene, which includes using toothpaste, brushing, and flossing on a regular basis. Never forget that these natural remedies are meant just to offer short-term relief; chronic toothaches or other oral health problems should be addressed.

When to Consult an Emergency Dentist:

If you have a severe or continuous toothache under a crown, you should see a dentist. Crisis can arise. Thus, when you need our effective emergency walk-in dentistry services, Paradise Ridge Family Dentistry is here to help. Combining our knowledge and compassion allows us to give the best dental care possible.

Our committed staff uses the best methods to provide you with relief from toothache under the crown. In order to effectively treat toothache under a crown, it is essential to understand these factors. Paradise Ridge Family Dentistry in Phoenix, Arizona, is available to offer the knowledge and customized treatment you require if you’re dealing with chronic pain. Please make an appointment or utilize our walk-in emergency services in Arizona. Read our latest blog on teeth discoloration causes and prevent your teeth from getting yellowish.